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Play Ball! By Jorge Posada

By Jorge Posada
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Fit Home Team


Under the brand name "Laura Posada's Fit Home Team" this diversified project will offer information, sports fashion merchandise, accessories and equipment to promote fitness and well being for the whole family. Laura Posada's Fit Home Team is about a durable lifestyle change. It's about saying to our children "DO AS I DO!" and saying to ourselves as responsible adults "LET'S DO IT TOGETHER!"


Laura and Jorge Posada have based their philosophy of life on the premise that health is the most valuable commodity and everyone should do everything in there power to pursue it.

Jorge and Laura Posada Profile

Inspired by their personal experience with their beautiful boy, Jorge Jr., Laura Posada and her husband, New York Yankee's All-Star Catcher, Jorge Posada, head the Jorge Posada Foundation to help Cranionsynstosis patients and their families as they work with this congenital birth condition. The dedication and knowledge that they have gained through their personal experience and their willingness to share that knowledge with others has earned them the respect, admiration and loyalty of a multicultural audience that follows their news on television, radio and magazines.

Now Ms. Posada wants to further materialize her commitment to children and families by creating a brand that promotes family fitness and well-being. The incredible – and fortunate – by-product of this endeavor is that she will also be motivating and creating space for activities that strengthens the fabric of family unity, something very much needed in today's world.

Children depend on adults to create the healthy habits that can change this tide around. We can no longer ask of them "Do as I say, not as I do", because IT'S NOT WORKING. Although bad habits can certainly be changed, it is easier to start with good habits from the beginning and for that to happen; ADULTS HAVE TO BE IN ON IT!!!!!

This reality brings us to an incredible, worthy opportunity. Fit Home Team is a durable lifestyle change that envisions not only helping children but goes a one step further: it help FAMILIES get fit and stay fit.

The Posadas

Why fitness and well-being?

According to the Children's Obesity Action of Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center in Seattle, Washington ( "approximately 15% of American children aged 6 to 19 already overweight." Among the health problems associated with obesity, COA mentions "Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, orthopedic difficulties and depression." This puts obesity in children in the category of a national health crisis that will have a significant influence on the life span, quality of life and productivity of an entire generation.

Laura Posada is passionate about this topic and determined to make a difference in people's lives. She is relentless in trying to convince others to buy in to their Philosophy of Life as they believe that heath and fitness needs to be more than just a passing fad. It needs to be a lifestyle and a long term commitment. Although Laura is a busy young woman with all the demands of a high profile husband, a Foundation to run and two young children she still finds time to pursue a healthy lifestyle. To read more about Laura please click here.

Now Available

The Fit Home Team Book is published by Simon & Schuster and available in stores now. This comprehensive book includes Fit Home Team fitness strategies and activities for the entire family, fun recipes directly from Laura Posada's recipe book and tricks to keep everyone on track.  Click here to order your copy.