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Play Ball! By Jorge Posada

By Jorge Posada
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Fan Central

Although I haven't been a baseball fan for long, as soon as I saw you play last year you became my favorite player, and the Yankees my favorite team. You are just incredible. Not only are you a fantastic catcher but you're also a fabulous baseball player. I look forward to each and every Yankees game. Continued success to you!

- Jeni Balitz, New York

Jorge, you have have done an awesome job with the Yanks, both on and off the field. Your dedication and hard work has been a big part of our team's success, and we thank you for it. God bless you and your family for all they have done. WE WISH YOU ALL THE BEST!

- Dave & Laura

I think you are among the greatest to ever play the game. Another thing, I'm usually completely uninterested in the personal lives of players, but looking at your website dedicated to your son and his health problems added a whole new dimension to Yankees' number 20.

- Joel, Oklahoma City

Dear Jorge Posada, the reason I'm writing is to wish you the best this season and the Yankees every, single day, I pray to God wishing you guys will win your 27th World Series Title. Also, I would like to congratulate you on your foundation for people who have craniosynostosis. You and your wife have done such an incredible job raising money for those with this condition. I have see pictures of your 2 children and I think they are absolutley adorable!! Jorge Jr. looks like a kid who could smile all day long and make others laugh! And your daughter looks so energetic! Remember to always work really hard in baseball and to never give up. GO YANKEES!!!!!

- Your #1 fan, Kristy C. age:13, from Connecticut

Jorge, You are my 13-year-old son's role model. He hopes to replace you behind the plate some day. Good health to you and your family. I hope Jorge Jr. is well.

- Jim Mangarella

Dear Jorge, President Reagan once stated that, "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem." As a U.S. Marine myself, I am sure that you don't have that problem either because of the difference that you and your wife are making for the kids. Thanks a lot.

- Eric Cruz

Jorge, I am a new Yankees fan. I spend most of the year watching my son and daughter play baseball and softball which I really enjoy. My son is a Yankees fan, so I started watching it with him. You are my favorite player. I love the way you control the whole flow of the game. You are a great catcher and an awesome hitter. I love watching you play, you do such a fantastic job on the field every game.

- Tracy Perry

I hope you have a great second half of the season and a great season next year and for many years to come.

- Sara

Dear Jorge, I really admire all of your hard work. You are a terrific catcher. Your defense as well as your offense is outstanding. Your presence on the team is admirable. I always wear my Posada t-shirt (or jersey) whenever the Yankees are playing. And my favorite chant is Hip, Hip Jorge!!! I admire you off the field as well. What you and your wife have gone through with Jorge Jr. is unbelievable. Your foundation and inspiration to help others are just some of the reasons I admire you. I hope you are forever a Yankee! It has been a pleasure watching you blossom into one of the Great Yankee Catchers and perhaps the greatest catcher in all of baseball.

- Colette Palmerio, New Jersey

Dear Mr. Posada you are my favorite player, not because you are good on the field but off the field. I have been a Yankees fan since I can remember and you have always been my favorite player. I also catch and I practice every day and now I'm the best catcher in my league right now. When I grow up I want to be just like you, a catcher for the NEW YORK YANKEES.

- Zack Palmisano

Jorge, you are an inspiration to so many people. The work you do on and off the field brings hope to people who need it most. The way you and your family responded to the devastating news of your sons condition was tremendous. The fact that you now have a foundation supporting others who were in the same situation as you is astronomical, you are helping people who have no where else to go. Thanks for all you've done, both on the baseball field and to society.

- Stacie